"Thanks for your thoughts. I listened to various opinions and thought about it again and I think I'll go. Let's see how it is!"

That’s great! Hope you’ll enjoy the show and have a great fun ^^


  "I won a ticket for a BII performance but my favourites are not going to perform that day. It would be the first time for me to see a performance. Should I go anyway or cancel it so people who actually want to see them can go and see them? lol"

Sorry if my reply is late because I just opened my tumblr and you may already take the ticket or cancel that, but if you asked my opinion, well, let’s see, does your heart really just want to see your favorites? or is there a little part of you want to see NMB48 (no matter who will participate)? then I’ll say just give it a shot but if you really really just want to see your favorites and you’ll live far from their theater and have a hard time to reach the place then you may just give the other person who really want to watch the performance the chance and if I am in your position, I’ll cancel that. Well, that’s just pure my opinion. Hope it’ll help you to make your decision :)

Dandyu - divine.

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